Meet Chris Snow
I'm asked often why I decided to be a founder. The answer is rooted in my own story. The firstborn son of working-class parents, my Mother and Father gifted me with principles of hard work, integrity, and honesty but I had trouble determining how I wanted to apply those values in my professional life. Trying my hand in retail, hospitality, food services, warehousing, and call centers, I found myself gravitating toward roles that served customers directly. I eventually moved East and ultimately found my way to New York where I was blessed with an opportunity to join a world-class recruitment company. My journey as a recruitment consultant took me around the world and provided me with exceptional access to thousands of interesting people.

In my role, I had the good fortune to help hundreds of professionals find work that seemed as though it would bring them closer to finding contentedness in their life. From time to time, I would receive messages of thanks from some of those people whose lives were transformed in a positive way. These messages were so special to me and I often turn to them when in need of inspiration.

In recent years, I have often wondered how I could make such an impact on all the people I worked with and Talentako is the answer to that question.
Founder of Talentako
What is Talentako?
I started Talentako with the idea to help people find more meaningful work so that they can lead happier lives. To me, the words "more meaningful work" describes my own professional journey. Through a series of choices, risk-taking, listening to advice, and something that felt like luck, I was able to find an industry and role that leveraged my capabilities and personality to their fullest.

Talentako is my attempt to quantify that series of choices by using data science and modern approaches to psychology to help others make the best possible decisions when deciding on their next role.

After all, changing jobs is one of the more emotional experiences we go through in life, and with the technological change that is happening in the modern workforce - shouldn't we be using that same technology to help one another find gratifying work?
How does it work?
For most people, drafting all of their skills and experience into a resume is the first step.

In my life as a professional recruiter, I have helped hundreds of people craft a resume to highlight their superpowers and secure that first interview. By sharing my own experience in professional recruitment through a series of articles, I will put my best effort forward to get you similar results.

Once you have committed all of your talents to a document, you can upload the document to Talentako's resume formatting application where we will put on the final touches.
You brainstorm. Talentako helps frame.
Talentako's Promise
Talentako is a company that seeks to help people find more meaningful work so they can lead happier lives, not an advertising company.

Talentako understands that your data is your own, not to be traded or sold by anyone but you.

Talentako promises not to share your personal data with third parties for commercial purposes. If you are interested in learning more about how Talentako uses your data, take a look at our Privacy Policy here.

Talentako is obsessed with finding people more meaningful work. We promise to keep our end customer, you, at the heart of all our products and services.
To find meaningful work at Talentako check out our current openings here.

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